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Chris Larmour
Founder & CEO

Meet the founder

While plans to colonise Mars might dominate the headlines when it comes to space travel, since 2015 Chris Larmour and his team have been quietly working towards a rather more realistic – although no less pioneering – vision. They’re dedicated to finding new ways of putting tech into orbit cheaply and sustainably. With a background as an entrepreneur, Chris has assembled a world-class team bursting with experience. Using biomass-derived fuel, and 3D printed components, their mission is to meet the growing demand for small launch services – from right here in Europe.

Why we invested

The market for small launch services is growing, driven by the trend towards smaller, smarter satellites. Until now, their best route into orbit has been on a ride-sharing basis, occupying spare capacity on larger launches. But these ride-share slots are in high demand and low supply, while the absence of a dedicated micro-launch facility on European soil has pushed costs up even further. When we met the Orbex team, we were convinced that their launch facilities in Scotland, and sophisticated micro-launch vehicle, promised to substantially reduce operational costs. With their carbon-conscious approach, we knew we’d want to support them right through to lift-off.

Initial investment stage

First invested


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