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Saving children from pre-surgery stress: Dr Chris Evans and Sophie Copley

Saving Children From Pre-surgery Stress: Dr Chris Evans And Sophie Copley

Food waste fighter: Anya Doherty

Food Waste Fighter: Anya Doherty

Founder Anya wanted to understand and reduce the footprint of the food industry. Foodsteps is a platform that supports restaurants and retailers to manage their processes more effectively and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Team builder: Alan Bourne

Team Builder: Alan Bourne

Sova is an end-to-end recruitment assessment platform with fairness at its core. It's designed to be engaging and easy for candidates to use, while gathering precise and balanced online assessments to help businesses grow skilled teams.

B2B Software
The doctor entrepreneurs: Yusuf Sherwani, Maroof Ahmed and Sarim Siddiqui

The Doctor Entrepreneurs: Yusuf Sherwani, Maroof Ahmed And Sarim Siddiqui

As trained medical doctors, Yusuf, Maroof and Sarim could see traditional addiction treatment wasn't working. They founded Quit Genius to harness the power of digital therapeutics, with a mission to help 100 million people out of addiction by 2030.

Food rescuers: Tessa Clarke and Saasha Celestial-One

Food Rescuers: Tessa Clarke And Saasha Celestial-one

Tessa and Saasha's food-sharing app, Olio, connects people with surplus food with others who can use it. It encourages communities to share instead of throw away, with the double benefit of feeding others and reducing harmful food waste.

Data pioneers: Robin Roehm and Michael Hoeh

Data Pioneers: Robin Roehm And Michael Hoeh

Robin, Michael and the Apheris team are on a mission to transform data ecosystems and unleash their potential - without compromising security or privacy.