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Robin Roehm and Michael Hoeh
CEO & CTO, Apheris

Meet the founders

As a founder, Robin Roehm has direct experience of the cost regulatory constraints on data can have for businesses – they lost him customers at a previous start up. In 2019, he co-founded Apheris with Michael Hoeh. Together with an accomplished team, they set out to build a platform that would allow organisations, working collaboratively, to gather insights and analysis from one another’s datasets, while complying with strongly enforced regulations – and without compromising subjects’ privacy or security.



Why we invested

Data has the power to change the world. But it’s also, quite rightly, a source of concern. The revolutionary potential of data ecosystems has been impeded by regulations, designed to safeguard individual privacy. When we met the Apheris team, and saw how their platform facilitates a collaborative approach to data analytics without compromising privacy or security, we knew their pioneering approach represented a sea change in the way organisations use data.

Initial investment stage

First invested


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