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How it works

What is pre-seed funding?

Our pre-seed team invests at the earliest possible stage of a business, even before a product or service has been developed. The typical investment amount at this stage is £100k.

If you’re a founder coming to us at this stage, you may think you just have an idea – but if it’s a potentially world-changing one, we want to hear about it. If we like your pitch, we’ll set up a call. We usually make our final decision within 10 days of that first chat.

Intro call

Send us your pitch – if we think we’re a fit for your business, we’ll set up an intro call. This first chat (around 30 minutes) includes a general introduction to your team, the problem you’re tackling and the solution you’re proposing.

Go to market meeting

At this second meeting (about 45 minutes) you’ll present detailed go to market information, deep dive, a live product demo and introduce us to any other co-founders.

Due diligence

We’ll carry out our internal co-investor and pilot partner/customer due diligence, to give us a third-party view on your startup value proposition. We’ll also go through our know your customer and anti-money laundering processes with you.

The offer

If we decide we’re the right fit for you, we’ll finalise terms and present our offer. We’ll review and sign legal documents on each side, then wire funds, ready to hit your bank account within 10 working days.


Welcome to Octopus Ventures! We’ll invite you to an onboarding session (around 30–45 minutes), where we’ll tell you all about the excellent resources and support available to you as you start your journey with us.

Submit your pitch

Ready to tell us why we should invest in you? Send us your pitch.