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Farlan Veraitch
CSO, Ori Biotech

Meet the founder

Modern medicine depends on small-molecule drugs and therapeutics, but Cell and Gene therapies (CGT) are poised to transform everything. By re-programming live tissue (often donor cells, or the patient’s own), they have the potential to create a one-shot cure for some of the world’s most severe diseases. But manufacturing CGTs is a challenge, which is where Farlan Veraitch, CSO and founder of Ori Biotech, comes in. A leading academic in CGT biomanufacturing, Farlan and his team have pioneered a new development platform, designed to take the considerable cost out of CGT manufacture – and usher in a new age of medical care.



Why we invested

CGT will change the world, but first, costs have to come down. Currently, CGT account for the world’s most expensive treatments, with a single course costing anywhere up to £2m. Pioneering therapeutics need to be within reach for everyone, not just the lucky few, which is why we were so excited to meet Ori Biotech. Their proprietary platform leverages automation to remove the need for highly skilled human expertise, unlocking new possibilities in the development and manufacture of these future-shaping treatments.

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