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Borja Aranguen and Ignacio Travesi
CEO and CSO, Cobee

Meet the founder

Cobee’s co-founders Borja Aranguen and Ignacio Travesi are no strangers to scaling businesses. Collectively, they bring years of shared experience in software development, strategy and sales to bear on their solution, directly focused on the workforce of tomorrow. Changes to work life, accelerated by the pandemic, have brought new priorities to the fore: employee benefits have become an essential way to attract, and retain, top talent. Borja and Ignacio recognised the challenge this poses – not just to HR departments, juggling different providers, but also to employees, for whom the value proposition represented by a bundle of benefits isn’t always clear. Cobee’s simple, streamlined solution will help businesses and workers unlock the true benefit of benefits.



Why we invested

When we met Borja and Ignacio in 2022, Cobee’s growth was well underway in the founders’ home country of Spain, and they were starting to look for new opportunities overseas. At Octopus Ventures we’ve long recognised the value-add a great benefits package can bring to a business looking to recruit the top talent, which is why Cobee’s service stood out. By taking the pain out of managing benefits for organisations and individuals alike, the Cobee team are pioneering a new distribution channel, and enhancing the relationship between employers and the talent they depend upon.

Initial investment stage

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