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Hal Watts, Ben Alun-Jones and Kirsty Emery-Laws
Co-founders, Unmade

Meet the founders

Unmade co-founders Hal Watts, Ben Alun-Jones and Kirsty Emery-Laws met at London’s prestigious RCA, and bring a truly interdisciplinary skillset to bear on their company’s pioneering vision: to end mass production, mass consumption and mass wastage. Their complementary backgrounds, combining engineering tech talent, pioneering product vision and in-depth industry knowledge underpin their company’s simple, though potentially world-changing service. Unmade’s end-to-end software platform allows consumers customisable access to brand products, and facilitates just-in-time manufacture, with the ultimate goal of shifting the model away from ‘design, make, sell’ to the altogether more sustainable ‘design, sell and make’.

Why we invested

When we met the Unmade team, we knew that the old supply chain was broken. Excess inventory comes at a high environmental – and financial – cost: in 2015, $475bn of loss retail revenue was attributed to overstock. Unmade’s solution doesn’t just leverage the popularity of ‘design-your-own’ apparel, it offers brands a new supply chain and empowers them to deliver demand-driven manufacture. We see Deep Tech as a space in which pioneers are creating the tools that will power the next industrial revolution. When we saw Unmade’s vision for a new model of manufacturing, we knew we had to lend our support.

Initial investment stage

Series A

First invested


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