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Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi
Founder and CEO, Collectiv Food

Meet the founder

As a Management Consultant, Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi was shocked by the inefficiencies – and worse – of the food supply chains he investigated. In 2018, having laid deep roots in the industry with his own artisanal food marketplace start up, Jeremy founded Collectiv Food. His mission? To revolutionise the way food is distributed. Collectiv operates across the supply chain, managing everything from procurement to distribution, to ensure suppliers and customers get the fairest price on the freshest produce. Their unique distribution model also unlocks value for the planet, significantly reducing carbon emissions compared to traditional wholesale delivery.

“I’ve always loved how Octopus have mobilised many different profiles and expertise within their team to challenge us, to reflect on our business, to bring innovative ideas on the table – with always the positive intention of pushing you to your limits and make you realise your biggest ambitions.”

Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi

Why we invested

The combined shock of Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic proved that the analogue processes of traditional food wholesale were crying out for disruption. When we met Jeremy, we weren’t just impressed by his pioneering approach to updating the industry – we saw a deep alignment between Octopus Ventures’ values and Collectiv’s ESG focus. When we invested, their innovation in delivery aggregation was already showing a 38% reduction in C02 emissions per kg of product compared to traditional wholesale. It’s a serious contribution that’s only set to increase as the company scales across Europe.

Initial investment stage

Series A

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