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Youssef Darwich and Sigurjón Ísaksson
Co-founders, CEO & CTO, Nosso

Meet the founders

After a decade in financial services, including a role as Head of Operations at Tide (where he was the SME challenger bank’s second-ever employee) and a stint as Octopus Wealth’s Head of Product, Nosso co-founder and CEO Youssef Darwich started with a realisation: generating, managing and transferring family wealth, traditionally based around a single individual or client, should be a collaborative effort that is accessible to everyone – not just those with the significant means. He joined forces with Sigurjón Ísaksson, co-founder and CTO, to build Nosso, a financial platform that empowers individuals to effectively visualize, manage, and grow their finances collaboratively as a family.

“Octopus has been so much more than an investor for us – always acting as a sounding board and a fresh pair of eyes to challenge our thinking and support us when needed.”

Youssef Darwich, CEO, Nosso

Why we invested

At Octopus Ventures, we’ve backed many pioneering businesses building the future of finance for individuals. However, we have yet to see a company truly centre the family—arguably one of the most important socioeconomic units in society—as its core focus and, in so doing, envision the future of family finance. This is why Nosso immediately piqued our curiosity. Their solution rejects the closed and singular nature of financial solutions to date, offering members of a family a platform for collaboratively managing their finances, the means of actioning short and long-term financial decisions for the family, and accessible financial advice to guide its decision-making. Led by pioneering founders with proven experience in scaling category-defining businesses, we were delighted to back the business.

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