Our investment in LifeScore

Investment thesis 

  • Music is fundamental to the human experience. Its role in our lives has only increased thanks to the wealth of on-the-go listening options
  • But the space has so far lacked innovation. Generic playlists, curated for mood, or AI generated music, lack real-time adaptivity to a listener’s surroundings or environment
  • LifeScore’s platform uses AI to adaptively generate music, based on the listener’s surroundings, mood and inputs
  • The company’s patented technology draws on a wealth of audio assets (stems) from world-class composers and musicians to create music in real timew end-to-end solutions
  •  This innovation is unique to LifeScore, and opens up a host of use cases in a wide range of verticals, including gaming (a space with 517m users worldwide), fitness, wellness, sleep (a problem worth £67.3bn), meditation and in-car experience
  • The music the platform composes falls under copyright, opening the door to further revenue, through license-sales and royalties, in the future
  •  LifeScore’s solution, driven by a team with outstanding expertise in music and technology, represents one of the first truly disruptive, deep tech-driven innovations in music, and has already attracted significant customer interest from across verticals

Who are the founders

CEO and co-founder, Philip Sheppard, is a cellist, composer, producer and inventor. He’s composed the score for over 65      films, video games, ballets and plays, produced the music at the 2008 Olympic Games closing ceremony, and the national anthems at the 2012 Games in London. 

Tom Gruber, co-founder, CTO and VP of Design, is a product designer and entrepreneur who brings years of experience in AI      to LifeScore. As co-founder, CTO and head of design for the team that created Siri, Tom has been instrumental in putting AI technology into the pockets of people around the world. 

Chris Walch, is co-founder and COO. She comes from a legal background. In her role as senior associate at Latham & Watkins LLP, she represented the interests of a broad range of high-level clients. At LifeScore she’s focussing on strategy and operations. Ian Drew, the fourth co-founder and Chairman, brings 25 years of tech experience to LifeScore.      

Why us?

LifeScore’s incredible technology, backed up with a truly remarkable team of founders, has the potential to fundamentally alter the markets in a field that has, historically, been resistant to change. The disruptive potential of adaptive, real-time music stands to make an impact across any number of verticals, from changing the way game developers approach their soundtracks, to helping meditation practitioners find their perfect headspace. 

The market is nascent, but we’re confident LifeScore’s disruptive solution will quickly find considerable demand — and we’re delighted to be onboard to offer our support. Our expertise in deep tech recruitment will help the LifeScore team build its commercial team to match the formidable talent it boasts on the music, technology and operations end. And, as LifeScore looks around for the perfect product market fit, we’re well-placed to support them with our own extensive experience in product strategy. A huge congratulations to the LifeScore team — we’re thrilled to join the dance to their pioneering new tune.

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